1What is Be Granted?
Be Granted is the first in the world hybrid and hermetic peer to peer crowdfunding platform, where members voluntarily give and receive donations from each other every month.
It is a new way of raising money online for various projects: personal, business, charity etc.
Our mission is to help 1 million people live their passions and do their projects in sync with nature. Our vision is to be top peer to peer crowdfunding platform in the world by 2020.
2How does Be Granted work?
After donating 0.03 Bitcoin to your Level 1 Up Line, you are joining global crowdfunding community of like-minded members, who are interested in donating to each other voluntarily.

You get the opportunity to willingly donate monthly to our community and in turn you get willing donations from the community. By joining, you are starting your journey to Financial Independence - you are getting donations to realize your life's projects (personal expense, business ideas, charities - anything you want).

You start by donating 0.03 Bitcoin to project of another member (it could be a person who invited you to Be Granted or somebody else). After you completed this donation, you get a spot in Local Platform + two spots in your 1st downline.

From this time you have 30 days to invite just 2 people with your referral link, who will also start their project by donating 0.03 Bitcoin to other member. It's important, you invite real people who will do what you did (invite 2 people in 30 days).

If you do not invite 2 people in 30 days, your account will be automatically deleted.

You only need to invite 2 people once - not every month.

Local Platform can give you 8 Bitcoins in donations every month. The only requirement is that you invite 2 people and help them do the same and so on. The faster you help your organization, the faster you will get 8 Bitcoins monthly.

Our platform is subscription-based, so you will receive donations every month from each downline level you are qualified to. This also means that you will also need to make a donation every month for each level you are qualified to.

In your first 10 days from your registration, you will have a one-time chance to reserve your spot in second platform: Global-Automatic.

This platform is filling up automatically with members from around the world who invited minimum 3 people to Local Platform.

In this platform you can also receive 8 Bitcoins every month and don't have to invite anybody to receive donations.

For more information, watch training videos inside your backoffice.
3How to join?
There are two ways:
1. If you have been invited to join by somebody, just click on his/her referral link and then click on Register Now and follow instructions.
2. Otherwise, just go to www.be-granted.com and register.
4What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people.
In 2015, 34 billion US$ was raised by crowdfunding worldwide.
It is based on:
1) the project initiator who proposes the project to be funded
2) individuals or community who support the idea
3) the platform that brings the parties together.
It allows creators to attain low-cost capital. Creators can receive donations from around the world.

We strongly believe in Crowdfunding. Watch video lessons in Crowdfunding menu tab above.

5Can I raise money for personal expenses?
Yes, there is even a book about it here.
Also, watch TV about crowdfunding medical expenses here.
6What is Bitcoin?

We strongly believe in Bitcoin. Watch video lessons in Bitcoin menu tab above.

7How to open free Bitcoin Wallet?

Blockchain.info offers a free Bitcoin Wallet service.
Sign up is very easy.
Simply click "Create A Free Bitcoin Wallet" at the top left of the page here. VIDEO TUTORIAL
8Is Be-Granted available around the world?
Yes, Be Granted jest available for everybody with access to the Internet, Bitcoin wallet and willingness to become successful. We do daily webinars in English, Polish and Spanish. Contact your sponsor for a link to join.
9Can I have two accounts in Be Granted?
Yes you can. Each account has to have two personally invited people in 30 days.
10What happens if I don't invite 2 people in 30 days?
After 30 days your account will expire and your position will be deleted from our Local Platform.
You will not be able to login again on the same email.
Our system will dynamically move accounts that are below you 1-place-up, to a person who is qualified.
This is irreversible. Once your position is deleted, you can not be installed there again. Timer is in your backoffice.
11Can I have a refund?
All dotations are made between members (peer to peer) - not to us.
It's a member to member case.
12I don't have any Bitcoins on my Bitcoin Wallet, How to buy Bitcoins?
You can buy Bitcoins instantly with your Credit Card or Debit Card on Blockchain or CoinMama.

13What does it mean "Time to end" in Subscription box on my Dashboard?
It is a date of your next donation
The amount of donation depends on the Level you are on.
BeGranted is a subscription-based platform, where all members voluntarily donate to each other every month.
Remember to be always subscribed and donate before the time reaches 00:00, because once your time is up, and you did not renewed your subscription, your account will be automatically deleted and this is irreversible.
14Can I do Up-Level earlier, even though my Downline is not filled yet?
For example, if you are on Level 3 and you do not have Level 4 filled up totally, you can Up Level anytime. The sooner the better, because you will not miss the date of your next subscription.
15Do I need to renew subscription after 30 days?
Yes. When you renew your subscription, your account will stay ACTIVE and our system will keep your spot.
When you don't renew your subscription, your account will become INACTIVE and our system will automatically delete your spot and you will not be able to login again (using the same email). You can create a new account using different email, but you will be in a different spot. It's important to always renew your subscription at least 4 days before your "Time to end" (see in your Dashboard).
16Do I have to donate 0.03 Bitcoin every month?
We're subscription-based platform, which is good, because after you build organization you will receive donations every month, not just once. This also means you also have to donate to somebody else's project every month. After you donate 0.03 Bitcoin, it becomes your monthly subscription. This makes you ACTIVE on LEVEL 1 for 30 days, which qualifies you to receive donations from your 1st downline.
After you accumulate funds to Up-Level to Level 2, you need to Up-Level within 4 days to Level 2. After you Up-Level to Level 2, this becomes your another monthly subscription. This makes you ACTIVE on LEVEL 2 for 30 days, which qualifies you to receive donations from your 2nd downline.
After you accumulate funds to Up-Level to Level 3, you need to Up-Level within 4 days to Level 3. After you Up-Level to Level 3, this becomes your another monthly subscription. This makes you ACTIVE on LEVEL 3, which qualifies you to receive donations from your 3rd downline.
After you accumulate funds to Up-Level to Level 4, you need to Up-Level within 4 days to Level 4. After you Up-Level to Level 4, this becomes your another monthly subscription. This makes you ACTIVE on LEVEL 4, which qualifies you to receive donations from your 4th downline.
If you do not renew your subscription after 30 days on any of 4 levels you are qualified to, you become INACTIVE and you will be automatically deleted.
It's important to remember about renewing all of the subscriptions, you are qualified to, before "Time to end" shows 00:00.
17Is this a pyramid?
No. There are couple of reasons:
1. Donations are flowing from member to member - not to the program.
2. We are a community of voluntare donors. Upon registration you read terms, which clearly states that you join a community of voluntare donors, who send and receive donations to support projects every month.
3. In Be Granted every member can receive the same amount of donations, doing the same amount of work. In a pyramids, only the best people at the top in hierarchy get donations.
4. Members of Be Granted will soon receive Campaign Pages (to be launched in April 2017), on which there will be a description of their project and Bitcoin Wallet, so the general public can make a donation without registering to Be Granted.
18How to donate 0.03 Bitcoin?
Watch this video to see how to donate 0.03 Bitcoin and where is your HASH NUMBER.

19Where Is Your Bitcoin Receiving Address?
Watch this video to see where is your Bitcoin Receiving Address. You will be receiving donations there.

20Why do you need to verify my phone number?
Unfortunately, some people may want to abuse our system, that's why we are verifying each person upon registration by asking them to verify their phone number.
In this way only real and serious people are in Be Granted. Insincere people can't open fake accounts. Of course we will NOT spam your number - it's just for security reasons!
This verification also makes our platform more hermetic.
21Are platforms filling up from left to right?
No. Local and Global Automatic platforms are filling up randomly - not from left to right. In this way all have the same odds of receiving spillover.
22How Be Grated is hybrid?
Two reasons:
1. You have two platforms: Local and Global Automatic. Both give you benefits. Local depends from your effort (you need to invite 2 people to qualify and stay in it) and Global Automatic is totally effortless for you (you don't need to invite anybody and you still receive donations).
2. Inside "Projects" tab, people from all over the world can donate to your project without joining or creating an account.
23How Be Grated is hermetic?
Two reasons:
1. Our system verifies phone number upon registration, so our system is eliminating all insincere people that would try to abuse our platforms.
2. Our system deletes all accounts that did not renew their subscription after 30 days. In this way your platform is always filled in 100% (Local & Global Automatic).
24Is there a limit to how may people I can invite?
No. You can invite as many people as you want. Remember, all of your people should invite at least 2 people in 30 days, not to be deleted from Local Platform.
25Is there a limit how much donations I can receive?
Yes. In Local Platform you can receive 8 Bitcoins every month. In Global Automatic also 8 Bitcoins every month. Together, you can receive 16 Bitcoins each month. If you need more, you can open a new account.
26What happens after I fund 100% of my project's cost?
Nothing. If you want, you can open a new account for your next project.
27Why my personally invited person, donated to somebody else?
We use binary platform, so when your first two spots are taken and you invite your third person, your third person will land under your first two people. This means, your third person will have to donate to their Level 1, which is to one of your first two spots. Ask your sponsor to clarify this for you.
28What does it mean to be qualified?
To be qualified, you need to sponsor two people in your first 30 days.
To keep your qualification next month, your two personal people (or other people you invited) must keep their subscriptions (be Active) + you must be Active too.
Our system checks everyday if your invited people keep their subscriptions. As soon as our system detects that your invited person did not keep their subscription (they're not Active), you will see in Dashboard a 30 days timer. In this 30 days, you will need to re-qualify. You need to have minimum two personally invited people having active subscriptions for you to stay qualified and get donations.
29Who is my sponsor in Global Automatic platform?
You do not have a sponsor in Global-Automatic platform. You have a sponsor in Local Platform only. If you need any help contact: A. your sponsor in Local Platform 2. the person to whom you're donating in Global-Automatic 3. email us at support@be-granted.com
30What does "Active" mean?
It means that person donates to all levels he is qualified to.
If you donated 0.03 Bitcoin, you are qualified to Level 1.
If you donated 0.05 Bitcoin, you are qualified to Level 2.
If you donated 0.15 Bitcoin, you are qualified to Level 3.
If you donated 0.5 Bitcoin, you are qualified to Level 4.
31Can I donate to Level 2, not donating for Level 1?
No, you can't.. You can donate to Level 2, only if your status is ACTIVE on Level 1.
32I see "Could not find matching transaction with given hash" why?
Three reasons:
1. You put wrong hash or copied hash incorrectly.
2. Sometimes (very rarely) Blockchain.info shows "Unconfirmed Transaction" after you send donation.
It means, your transfer is not confirmed yet (99% of transfers are confirmed in milliseconds).
In this case, in Be Granted (after you put your hash and click Submit), you will see this message: "Could not find matching transaction with given hash".
Please just wait 5-10 minutes and finalize your donation (put your hash again and click Submit).
3. You have 30 minutes to donate. If you try to Submit your hash after 30 minutes, this message will pop up.
33I don't see banners in Banners section - why?
You probably have Ad Block enabled.
Just disable your adblock on our domains (panel.be-granted.com and be-granted.com).